Why we are building it?

Simply put…”Lompoc needs a bike park”!

Not all kids play baseball, basketball, football or soccer. Now, there is nothing wrong with playing any of these sports but for those kids who ride bikes and bike riding is there passion there is no place for them to practice their sport….UNTIL NOW!

In fact BMX and Mt. Biking are now Olympic sports, however Lompoc does not have anything to build better bicycle riders. Bike riding is a positive activity for youth and families. 

This park will be designed with all age groups and skill abilities in mind and will encourage bicycle riding skills for better, safer riders. This facility will encourage families to exercise together, reduce the amount of illegal jump building through out the city and give riders a place they can call home and enjoy their sport. Not only is it great exercise but participating in a healthy sport with others will help keep kids out of trouble and away from drugs and gangs.

This project has been a dream of the local community for many years. During the 1980’s Lompoc had a BMX race track located at River Park. The track was very popular but due to liability reasons, cost of insurance, etc. it was decommissioned after only a few years in operation. Since that time there has not been an officially recognized/sanctioned location for bicyclists to safely enjoy their sport. As a result of not having a sanctioned area for practicing bike handling skills and improving physical fitness, local riders have been building unsanctioned trails and jumps on public and private property around the City of Lompoc. Unfortunately these unsanctioned riding areas create a risk management and liability issue for the City and private property owners, while also creating unintended environmental impacts in the areas the trails are built.

In 2008 the Lompoc BMX Committee was formed in an effort to establish a public use bike park facility in town. After having limited success identifying a suitable location, and developing an action plan, interest in the project had waned.

 In 2011, inspired by a rapid growth of community built bike parks around the country, the re-formed Committee, contacted the Parks and Rec department to discuss potential locations. Our initial proposal was presented to the Lompoc Parks and Recreation Commission in December of 2011. After a series of presentations and feedback from the City Staff and the local community we decided to pursue the parcel of land located at River Bend Park as a potential location for the development of a bike park. In April of 2012 the Parks and Recreation commission approved the concept of the River Bend Bike Skills Park. Since that meeting the River Bend Bike Park Committee has formalized their effort to move forward with the project.

 In July of 2012 we contacted professional bike park design firm Hilride Progression Development Group, which has experience designing and building parks throughout California and across the country. On July 17, 2012 the River Bend Bike Park Committee unanimously voted to contract with Hilride pending the City Council approval of the use of the land for this project.