"River Bend Bike Park Lompoc, CA "

"Have fun and get dirty"

Who we are?

We are a group of locals here on the central coast in Lompoc, CA that have a passion for bicycles and riding. Most of us grew up riding bikes, building jumps and friendships. We have all realized that now we all older and some of us have kids of our own that there is no place “Legally” for bike riders to go and enjoy their sport and get dirty. Our River Bend Bike Park committee is a group of outstanding individuals who all bring something unique and extremely beneficial to the table.

What we are building?

The River Bend Bike Skills Park will be a unique fun, family friendly bike riding facility that will give kids and families in this community another option when looking for things to do. This will be located at the east end of the River Bend Park Phase 3 area (Dead end of McLaughlin Rd-AKA “A” Street). This facility will be unsupervised with proper signage displaying “ride at your own risk” There will be parking, picnic tables, bathrooms & fencing around the perimeter of the park. 

Why we are building it?

Simply put…”Lompoc needs a bike park”!

Not all kids play baseball, basketball, football or soccer. Now, there is nothing wrong with playing any of these sports but for those kids who ride bikes and bike riding is there passion there is no place for them to practice their sport….UNTIL NOW!

In fact BMX and Mt. Biking are now Olympic sports, however Lompoc does not have anything to build better bicycle riders. Bike riding is a positive activity for youth and families.